The Member of Parliament for the Kwesimintsim constituency of the Western Region, Dr Prince Armah has reassured the residents of the Apremdo community that he is putting in much efforts to ensure that the abandoned road project in the community is completed for them. He says he is worried about the current state of the project which started during the term of his predecessor, Mr Joseph Mensah under the Infrastructure For Poverty Eradication Program (IPEP) by the Coastal Development Authority (CoDA).


According to Dr. Prince Hamid Armah he has been able to get officials of the Coastal Development Authority to inspect the state of the road project and other projects in the constituency.

“This was subsequent to getting officails of CoDA to inspect the state of the said projects in June 2021,” he wrote.

Writing on his Facebook, the Kwesimintsim legislator explained that he has filed a question about the project in Parliament, and he is expecting a response soon.

“I’ve since July 2021 filed a question in Parliament on the issue, and accordingly look forward to recieving a response from the Minister of Finance soon, regarding what steps the Ministry is taking to ensure the completion of various projects in the Kwesimintsim Constituency initiated by the Coastal Development Authority under the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP),” he explained in the post. Dr. Armah expressed his worry about the current state of the Apremdo road; assuring them of his unrelenting efforts to get the project completed to ease the discomforts they are going through at the moment.

“To my constituents in the Apremdo community who have had to endure great discomfort as a result of the road contractor leaving site and causing significant public health issues, I want to assure you that I’ve not relented on my effort to get this matter resolved,” he assured. He revealed that Government has released some amount for CoDA projects, and he hopes his constituency will not be left out. “Fortunately, Government has made some GhC 1billion allocation towards completing these IPEP projects in the 2022 budget and hopefully Kwesimintsim Constituency will not be left out,” Dr. Armah, wrote.

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