On 25th and 26th February 2021, I held the first surgery for constituents in Kwesimintsim. Constituents, no matter their political allegiance or persuasion, had the opportunity to interact with me and seek assistance or solutions to their problems. From personal issues through community problems to entrepreneurial projects, the surgery enabled me to find out even more about my constituents and the ways in which I can serve them better. The exercise has strengthened my commitment to seek ever more innovative solutions to the issues we face, both individually and as a constituency. Those whose issues could not be immediately resolved have been assigned case officers who will follow up and report to them till the total resolution of the issues. While I could not meet everyone who wanted to see me, we saw more than twice the number we expected to and we will be contacting those who could not secure in-person consultation on this occasion. Through this and other ways we have outlined, including virtual and telephone meetings, town halls, and engagements with various interest groups, I hope to make myself accessible to all of Kwesimintsim. I thank all those who came for their patience and cooperation. Look out for the dates for the next surgery.

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