Roadmap to a new Kwesimintsim
Roadmap to a New Kwesimintsim

Our journey is however far from over.

While we have made great strides in the last four years, there is more that is left to be done. What we have proven is that we can be trusted to work for the people of Kwesimintsim and make a change in their lives. In the next four years, with Dr. Prince Hamid Armah as the Member of Parliament, Kwesimintsim will enter the next, accelerated, phase of its development. What we are proposing is an integrated plan of development that addresses the gap in skills, jobs, and infrastructure in a meaningful and sustainable way.

The plan focuses on education and skills training to prepare young people for the world of work; investment in entrepreneurship to create jobs and wealth and finally improvements to our social infrastructure to increase the quality of life in Kwesimintsim.

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