Improving Infrastructure
Improving Infrastructure

Kwesimintsim’s infrastructure is in great need of immediate improvement. In the last four years, we have seen new roads and the rehabilitation of new ones, new bridges, culverts and drains as well as new markets and market sheds. We intend to continue with the projects that are incomplete and initiate new ones. But for us to match our needs, we will need an innovative mix of solutions to fund and maintain our infrastructure. That will be our focus over the next four years.

Our commitments

  • We will complete ongoing work on the Assakae – Whindo road
  • We will rehabilitate the roads in Kwesimintsim Proper, Apremdo, Salamkrom, Racecourse, Sabon Zongo, Adientem and parts of Anaji, including the completion of the roadworks at Nyhira Hotel and Sector E
  • We will rehabilitate and expand the markets in Apremdo, Whindo and Assakae
  • We will construct a new lorry park for Assakae
  • We will construct a bridge between the Kwesimintsim bypass and the Chief’s palace
  • We will construct a bridge over the River Whin to ease commuting in the area

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