Governance and Leadership
Governance and Leadership

All these plans and commitments are dependent on quality, competent and accountable leadership. As a Member of Parliament, Dr. Prince Hamid Armah will provide the leadership needed to deliver on his plans and make Kwesimintsim a better place to live. He will work closely with stakeholders including chiefs, local authorities, opinion leaders, and local party leaders to ensure that we have a broad-based and consensus-driven approach that will yield sustainable development.

Our commitments

  • We will employ a data-driven approach to development that involves collecting, analyzing, and making decisions based on verifiable information
  • We will organize regular town halls in the various communities to receive feedback, inform the people about the MP’s work and new national and local policies, and discuss the needs of the communities and how they can be met
  • We will have a fully functional office for the MP that will provide an avenue for people to channel their concerns to the MP directly
  • There will be a delivery unit within the office of the MP to track the achievement of all commitments made in this manifesto

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