Education and Skills Training
Education and Skills Training

Education and skills training will be the centerpiece of the plan to transform Kwesimintsim. The next generation of young people in Kwesimintsim will have to be equipped with the training and qualifications that will enable them to play a positive role in the community, the country, and even globally. This will require us to improve the learning environment in our schools, motivate our teachers and students and provide the infrastructure and materials necessary for effective teaching and learning.

Our commitments

  • We will ensure the establishment of a new secondary technical institution in the constituency to provide ready access to Junior High School leavers in Kwesimintsim.
  • We will rehabilitate existing schools and provide them with modern teaching and learning materials
  • We will ensure the establishment of a skills training centre to provide accredited vocational training for young people as an alternative to those who do not enter the secondary school system
  • We will establish a teacher motivation scheme that will reward teachers and enable them to acquire more skills to make them better able to train our prospective workforce
  • We will aggressively pursue scholarship opportunities for young people, including a Kwesimintsim-specific scheme – the Armah Achievers Programme – that will assist students in the constituency to access global opportunities for higher learning
  • We will establish an apprenticeship programme that will utilise master craftsmen in the constituency to provide finisher training for young people who have completed vocational training
  • We will establish a youth resource centre to provide young people with academic guidance, career advice and counselling to enable them better navigate the world of education so they can make the best of it

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