Jobs And Entrepreneurship
Jobs And Entrepreneurship

For far too many people – young and old – Kwesimintsim does not offer employment opportunities that utilize their skills and enable them to make meaningful contributions to the community. The structure of the local economy needs to be revamped to support and encourage entrepreneurship and economic initiative. This will include regulatory changes, financial and business support to new and existing businesses, and aggressive moves to attract investment into the constituency.

Our commitments

  • We will work with the Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly to ensure that there is an enabling regulatory regime to attract and retain businesses in the constituency
  • We will ensure the provision of loans and grants to small businesses in the constituency so they can expand and employ more people
  • We will establish a business support office that will work closely with existing businesses to deal with any problems they have and assist new businesses to set up in the constituency
  • We will establish an ICT hub to attract and encourage the growth of tech companies in Kwesimintsim
  • We will lobby aggressively for the establishment of at least one agro-processing factory in the constituency under the one district one factory programme
  • We will encourage and assist people of Kwesimintsim origin in the diaspora to come and invest in jobs and profit-making ventures in the constituency
  • We will establish a jobs centre that will assist job seekers to identify employment opportunities and assist them to access them including helping them prepare their resumes and for interviews

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